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aSSIST: a Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
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Established in 2004 as Korea’s very first graduate business school, Seoul Business School at aSSIST University has been providing educational programs that are highly adaptive of changes we face in the society these days. As the environment of business evolves constantly, the Seoul Business School promises to act as a First Mover which provides the new paradigms in business management. Furthermore, it strives to "aSSIST" those in need of professional knowledge and skills to creating a sustainable future.
The ECCK had a great opportunity to meet and chat with the president of aSSIST University, Dr. TaeHyun Kim, on one wonderful afternoon in November where he shared stories related to the school and its programs that are informative and great to be shared with the ECCK Connect readers.
aSSIST University president, Dr. TaeHyun Kim. Courtesy aSSIST University
“aSSIST University is operated based on the philosophy of 4T’s (eThics, Teamwork, Technology, and sTorytelling)”, emphasized Dr. Kim.
To explain in more detail, eThics is considered the most important out of the four values. In many of the programs and lectures provided by the school, the concept of ‘eThics’ is emphasized and taught at least 5 minutes.
Plus, nowadays, let it be carrying out a project, taking a class, etc., teamwork is considered vital. It is important to collaborate with others to produce fruitful results and gain a broader perspective rather than working on something on your alone.
To add on is Technology. In line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution, AI courses that combine management and technology have been opened and operated since last year. aSSIST University has provided various MBA courses like AI strategic management, AI big data, crypto, etc. and such are popular courses beloved by many.
In 2009, in recognition of its achievements, aSSIST University became the very first Korean institution to be selected as one of the ‘Global Top 100’ graduate schools of business in the world by the The Aspen Institute, which is called the Oscars of ethics education.
Class orientation. Courtesy aSSIST University
aSSIST University's Open Platform System
aSSIST University has implemented an Open Platform System. Experts from various education fields are invited as faculty members regardless of domestic and foreign universities or affiliated institutions. Composed of professional educators and experts, learning of systematic theory and practice-oriented education can be conducted in a balanced way.

To ensure high-quality lectures are conducted, the opinions of degree program students and students who have completed each short-term course are actively reflected through thorough lecture evaluation in each subject.
Graduates of State University of New York at Stony Brook. Courtesy aSSIST University
Acquisition of dual degree at partner universities abroad for all MBA students
All admitted students of aSSIST University’s MBA program can acquire a master's degree in business administration in Korea and a double degree from prestigious universities abroad, such as Europe and the United States; Aalto University, State University of New York at Stony Brook and Franklin University Switzerland.
According to the dual degree agreement, some of the credits completed in Korea are recognized at overseas universities, and depending on the individual's choice, one can complete the curriculum of the partner schools abroad.
This makes possible obtaining of a degree in as little as one and a half years, which shortens the period of stay abroad and reduces the tuition fee.
To learn more about aSSIST University and its programs, please visit its official website:
To apply or learn about the application process, please follow below link:
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