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Grillmeister: Fresh and without additives
Premium sausages handmade by German master butcher
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Two German friends unite with long-time meat factory and producer in Korea. A company that combines traditional production experience in Korea with modern business ideas. The German premium sausages are produced in South Korea according to traditional taste. But what are premium sausages and what is the special aspect since there are so many sausages on the market? The specialty of premium sausages lies in the ingredients and the production technique. At Grillmeister, only fresh ingredients are used. No flavor enhancers, no phosphates and no chemical preservatives.
Ingredients - Freshness and quality
The selection of ingredients is based on freshness and quality. Fresh meat shouldn't be old and frozen. Local ingredients such as Korean gochus, but also quality cheeses from New Zealand play a big role in the selection. The taste should be a delight in every bite where the natural flavors of the ingredients come out. No artificial flavorings or flavor enhancers enter the sausage.
The special taste comes on the one hand from traditional recipes, but it was finally created by the master butcher himself. The sausages are filled in a natural casing, which only a few manufacturers do in Korea. Even rarer is the use of natural casings from sheep. This creates the special bite of the Grillmeister sausages.
Because the ingredients are natural, it all depends on the technique of production. It is always necessary to achieve a good binding of the sausage mass and not to forget the adjustment of the lower salt content. Sausages in Germany and generally in Europe are saltier and with more salt it is easier to achieve the binding of the sausage mass. What if you need to use less salt? Technique. But where does the technique come from?
Technique - German master butcher
Photo of Gregor Brennecke / Courtesy Grillmeister
Grillmeister sausages are produced by the German master butcher Gregor Brennecke. His experience is based on more than 15 years in meat production and food industry. He is a certified HACCP inspector, technologist and production optimization consultant.
Gregor Brennecke with his Meisterbrief / Courtesy Grillmeister
Certificates Gregor Brennecke / Courtesy Grillmeister
After his apprenticeship as a butcher, he received his master's certificate at the butcher school in Landshut, Bavaria with a scholarship. As a master butcher, he was involved in recipe development and product development at major German companies from an early age. His first stop abroad was Hong Kong where he managed a meat production. This was followed by further stations in Canada, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.
Small range of products with a variety of tastes. Grillmeister offers a total of four grilled sausages, including two cooked sausages and two smoked sausages.
Products - Focused range of sausages
Nuernberger Rostbratwurst / Courtesy Grillmeister
1. Nuernberger Rostbratwurst
Nuernberger Rostbratwurst is a finger-thick sausage that originated in the charming Bavarian city of Nuremberg. It is made from pork, flavored with marjoram and various other spices, and is one of the most popular sausages in Germany.
Chili Gochu Rostbratwurst / Courtesy Grillmeister
2. Gochu Rostbratwurst
Chili Gochu Rostbratwurst is a spicy sausage with a natural, savory spice flavor. The flavor is based on that of the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst. It is recommended to grill it over a charcoal fire and eat it with mustard and bread.
Smoke Jaeger Sausage / Courtesy Grillmeister
3. Smoke Jaeger Sausage
The Jaeger is a smoked sausage. The special, natural casing provides the juicy "crack" when you bite into it. With its smooth texture and natural taste, Jaeger is a famous grill sausage in Germany.
Smoke Jaeger Sausage / Courtesy Grillmeister
4. Smoke Cheese Sausage
The Smoke Cheese is a German-Austrian gourmet delicacy par excellence, a kind of sausage filled with small pieces of cheese. After filling, the firm sausages are lightly smoked over beech wood, which gives this meat specialty an unmistakable smoky smell and taste.
Orders - Where to buy?
The sausages are produced and delivered fresh every day. Orders are currently possible through the website store and the Naver store. In the future, the products will also be available in premium department stores and other online markets. Customized wholesale orders are also accepted for certain requests. ● Website: ● Naver store: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● LinkedIn:
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