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London Speaker Bureau: Recipe for a Successful Organisation
February 9, 2023
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London Speaker Bureau shares with the ECCK members an interview with a pioneering entrepreneur, Uri Levine. During the interview, Uri Levine share what makes or breaks corporates and startups. In this masterclass style interview, we see a different side of the passionate businessman: “Uri the teacher.” Having led many companies towards groundbreaking, long-term success, the two-time ‘unicorn’ builder (Duocorn) helps others do the same.
    Video Timeline
  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:46 – Is there an approach that has proven to characterise successful startups?
  • 01:50 – What advice do you have for the future generations of innovators?
  • 02:43 – How would you define a “contemporary revolution” and what excites you about this? What is the next revolution you have your eye on?
  • 03:34 – What are some “BIG problems” you hope to solve? And how will the consumer be empowered through this?
  • 06:52 – Your upcoming book, “Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution” is set to release next spring. What will readers gain from this handbook?
  • 08:18 – What is your recipe to cultivating a successful team?
  • 09:33 – In these uncertain times, what are the main areas business leaders and companies should address?
  • 16:25 – How do we help people to make decisions?
  • 22:11 – What is next for you?
About the Speaker: Uri Levine
The founder of Waze, has built dozens of startups, all rooted in the notion: “fall in love with the problem, not the solution” – also the title of his latest book. Levine‘s insights into key factors that lead to success in business, provide huge value to corporations.
He explores the recipe for a successful startup and the rollercoaster journey that accompanies it. Levine discusses how future generations of innovators can optimise their potential, and the importance of listening to your users – “if you build stuff that they don’t care about, there will be someone else who will build stuff they do care about.” Throughout his career, “creating more value for [his] users and customers” has remained at the core of his approach.
Levine stresses that the “main issue for corporates, is how to innovate or cope with a market that is due for disruption?” Where do corporates fit within the market of disruption, and how can they disrupt their market?
Uri Levine emphasises the power of leading with conviction and confidence, proving key to optimising teams and the overall success of an organisation.
He is the Co-Founder, Chairman/Board Member of the following start-ups: Pontera (formerly FeeX), FairFly, Refundit, SeeTree, Fibo, Dynamo, Kahun, Zoomcar, and Infosys.
About London Speaker Bureau
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