Harmonica player, singer, whistler and songwriter Rachelle Plas
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Rachelle Plas (hereafter R.P.):
Hello! My name is Rachelle Plas, I am a harmonica player, singer, whistler and songwriter. Hohner Artist (the first harmonica maker in the world), I started harmonica at five years old in the same time than judo.
When I was a teenager, I was a member of the French Judo Team and had been Vice-World Champion in 2010, Winner of the French International Tournament and also 3 times French Champion. I decided to stop my career as an elite athlete to devote time to my artistic projects. I had to make this choice because it wasn’t possible anymore to continue making both in parallel.

There are common points between judo and music, for example, the extraordinary personal work to provide during years before starting to become a specialist of the discipline. Sport and instrumental practice are for the lifetime and independent learnings, needing abilities of personal management, as other specialties. Huge qualities of resilience and tenacity are needed.
Please introduce yourself.
What interested me in the instrument was an amazing freedom and work creation permitted by the harmonica. I discovered by this way improvised music and highly appreciated the fact to already creating new music and sounds. Exploring new styles and the opportunity to create step by step an original universe has always been a driving force. It was also the pleasure to express myself with total freedom through music, songs and the harmonica.
What has drawn you into the music industry?
R.P.: I’ve started to compose early to make my firsts songs, and now after a long way, my last and new album «Rachelle PLAS» and a «library of contemporary harmonica and songwriting music» are available to listen and purchase on my website. My style of music is jazz pop and improvised music.
When have you started to compose and what style of music do you do?
Doing this for a living came with concerts and musical performances requests, I played in 11 countries around the world and I hope having the pleasure to come for making performances around music in Korea, it would be the first time for me coming in Korea.
How do you make living as an artist?
Have you been impacted by COVID-19?
COVID-19 had numerous and strong impacts on the musical business sector, all cultural and artistic events suffer of closings and cancellations and unfortunately it always continues, at this time, we don’t have any visibility of reopening. But the positive effects for myself are the creation of daily Facebook livestreams #unitedinsound with Hohner since one year, it permits to propose free live performances for the internet users and share with them tutorials about harmonica, and also making my followers community more active. I had the pleasure to participate online to several numeric meetings and artist livestreams around music and harmonica.
For the All European Network Night in Seoul, it was a great honour for me to participate. With the magic of internet, seeing myself on a big screen in the congress hall was an incredible moment. I’m full of hope to renew the experience for a physical performance in a near future. I can be booked for company events, concerts, musical performances, conferences.
Rachelle Plas performing virtually at ECCK's All European Network Night 2020
What are your plans ahead?
My plans for the near future are finding solutions to make live performances existing. We all need live music and events. I’m working on an online and face-to-face program of cultural and artistic experiences, music performances with workshops and masterclasses for all generations.
ABOUT Rachelle plas
Harmonica player, singer, whistler and songwriter
Rachelle Plas is a modern dance/soul/rock/blues/pop singer - songwriter from France. She complements her smooth, provocative voice with her virtuoso, refined harmonica playing. One of the best players around,she has been using the Golden Melody ever since.
Besides her career as a musician, she is a very successful judo sportswoman and vice world champion in this sport.
Rachelle Plas
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