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Mingles’s Vision Shakes Up South Korea
Mingles tutors and participants
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Mingles is an online platform that allows foreigners who are good at Korean (or not) to open a global cultural experience and hobby classes so that Korean hobby seekers can have an international experience without traveling abroad, which can save their time and cost.

Since it’s launched, the hobby class provider has been receiving a lot of attention as it expands its specialized areas and unique global experiences compared to other domestic hobby platforms.
Mingles features diverse cultural classes
It has provided education classes and solutions for the companies that are in need of global perspectives, such as Samsung Card, Aram Books, Guide Live (My Real Trip), Hyundai Department Store, Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Association, Lorina, etc. The platform shows that it has numerous potential.
Sharing the Mingles's vision, popular foreign celebrities in Korea, including Andreas Varsakopoulos (Greek-American) and Christian Burgos (Mexican), and many others have opened their offline culture classes.

Overall, Mingles has successfully implemented a new hobby and education area called 'Global Culture'.

After three months of launching, it surpassed 3,000 subscribers and 1,000 participants. Furthermore, it has received investments from venture investment companies.
CEO of Mingling Sung-chul Lim
Non-Summit star Andreas Varsakopoulos leads a Greek cooking class
A French model and actor Fabien Yoon hosts a wine and cheese party  
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14, Achasan-ro 7na-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Lim also plans to enter the Japanese and Taiwanese markets in 2020 as the company grows as a global company.

In addition, Lim added "I welcome that anyone who wants to collaborate, such as companies that want to enter the global market, to import products and food from abroad, or in need of global education for their businesses. It is the best global test-bed option for Koreans to experience global items and services of yours .”
Mingles is not just an online platform that provides simple offline classes. We are aiming to be a big data solution company that provides customized global solutions for individuals and companies.
emphasized CEO of Mingles Sung-chul Lim.
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