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WELCOME! ECCK New Members Q2 2023
June 29, 2023
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The ECCK would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new members: Berlitz Korea, DR. WOLFF GROUP, Hyesung Accounting Corporation, Security Office part of Truesec Group, and SERIC-SEOUL (*In alphabetical order).
Berlitz Korea
Berlitz is the world's largest language education institution with a history and tradition of over 140 years. We have provided effective and high-quality language education from individuals to corporate customers and have recently expanded our scope to various cultural and business training solutions.
(Courtesy: Berlitz Korea)
Since Berlitz is a horizontal American company, all employees respect and encourage each other, and work happily. And because there are various language instructors, we can have a wide range of exchanges, and employees and their families have the advantage of learning languages with special tuition fees.
Q. As a newly joined ECCK member company, what are your expectations for the ECCK?
We are a language company, so we would like to offer various language courses, but we are willing to promote Korean culture. I am hosting many royal events because I am a member of the Royal court dance in Seoul metropolitan, so I would like to provide Korean traditional culture, especially to my acquaintances.

Language companies can form a business network without restrictions no matter what company they meet or participate in any subject event. So, we are looking forward to meeting foreign businessmen staying in Korea and helping them adapt well and do business in Korea without language barriers.
We dare to tackle issues that no one else dares to tackle, and we take paths that no one else treads with our strong brands from Bielefeld: Alpecin, Alcina, Plantur, Karex, Linola, Bioniq and Vagisan. Founded more than 100 years ago, we are now one of the largest medium-sized family businesses in the German pharmaceutical and cosmetics market.
(Courtesy: DR. WOLFF GROUP)
The focus of our brands is always a problem for which Dr. Wolff offers a solution: whether it is vaginal dryness, caries, neurodermatitis or hair loss. Courageous, attention-grabbing communication is a tradition for all brands of Dr. Wolff Group. We break taboos, create friction and stimulate discussion. In doing so, we also try to think things “new” or “different”.
Q. As a newly joined ECCK member company, what are your expectations for the ECCK?
More influence of European cosmetics manufacturers on Korean legislation; networking with other industry players; insights from BPC related events.
Hyesung Accounting Corporation
Hyesung Accounting Corporation is the Korean partner of Moore Global Network, the 11th largest accounting & consulting network in the world. We provide one-stop professional solution by the proven expert group with professional knowledge and experience in various fields and in any jurisdictions of the world leveraging our professional network in the world.
(Courtesy: Hyesung Accounting Corporation)
Hyesung has sufficient professional knowledge and work experience in each field, such as auditing, accounting & taxation, financial advisory and management consultancy. Especially, we have very unique expertise at international practice and can provide the combined expertise with worldwide professional network.
Q. As a newly joined ECCK member company, what are your expectations for the ECCK?
Hyesung is a part of Moore Global Network headquartered in UK with more than 100 years’ history. We have been closely working together with European colleagues and clients for long years. As a new member of ECCK, we would like to contribute our expertise for promoting business between Europe and Korea.
We are willing to be actively engaged with any activities, if it could contribute for ECCK community and promoting business activities between Europe and Korea. It would be our pleasure to participate in ECCK activities. As it were, we may be able to deliver our professional expertise and experience to ECCK members throughout some seminar, conferences or newsletter, etc.
Security Office part of Truesec Group
We are a cybersecurity consulting company helping organizations with penetration testing, ISMS, GDPR, incident response, security operations center (Managed SOC), code-, cryptographic- and infrastructure reviews.
(Courtesy: Security Office part of Truesec Group
Our purpose has been clear since day one: Creating safety and sustainability in a digital world by preventing cyber breach and minimizing impact.
As a global cybersecurity company, we’re proud to be at the forefront of protecting organizations and our society against cyber threats.
Q. As a newly joined ECCK member company, what are your expectations for the ECCK?
In a time where the threat landscape is evolving rapidly and to more uncertain areas - we are working hard and hoping to help more European companies strengthen their cyber resilience.

Additionally, we look forward to participating in information sharing, panel and networking events to get to know all ECCK members and understand your needs for cybersecurity when integrating with the Korean market and infrastructure.
SERIC-SEOUL, member of SERIC Group is a consulting and representative company, specialized in international business development between Japan, Korea, emerging markets and Europe. Since 1981, SERIC is offering advices in strategy, rising business opportunities, supporting M&A operations, technology transfer and license deals, and offering back-office support. Our expertise is focused on on Automotive, Logistics, Aeronautic and Environment industries.
(Courtesy: SERIC-SEOUL)
SERIC offers European companies a thorough understanding of the Japanese and Korean economies as well as of the local business and cultural environments; a permanent team of multilingual consultants in Japan and Korea; sales support for short- and long-term projects on these markets.
Q. As a newly joined ECCK member company, what are your expectations for the ECCK?
We expect that through joining ECCK, we will expand our network to entire European companies involved or interested by the Korean market. We hope to be an active member, bringing our multidecade long experience, especially in the fields of Automotive and Logistics.